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Keep Your White Superheroes. We Have Our Own.

“I was on Twitter a few days ago. Don’t worry, I regretted it pretty quickly and retreated back into my corner. But before I did, I saw an awesome tweet from a guy named [Grae] Williams.”

The CLTV’s “The Audacity” Explores Black Representation

“Guest curator [Grae] Williams sought to build upon the popular hashtag #RepresentationMatters, which is about providing narratives about people of color or of different orientations, genders, backgrounds, and abilities.”

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[Mayke]: Forging A Path in Black Comics

“That time has not stopped [Mayke]’s show whatsoever. Williams’ biggest influence for coming up with the idea to start a publishing company stemmed from many things, but a large part was from home. Williams’ parents always inspired him and his brother to become whatever they wanted.”

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The Magic of Memphis & Superheroes

Listen to discover Memphis’ unprecedent Black creative community, how Mayke is doing superheroes differently, and how therapy has been getting me through the pandemic on the Revision Path Podcast, the largest podcast for Black designers sponsored by Facebook.

New exhibit called The Audacity opens at The Collective in Orange Mound

“In their latest installment, The Audacity is an exhibit curated to inspire and give these artists a chance to, “show up boldly in industries that historically didn’t want them to show up,” according to [Grae] Williams.”
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